Safe Access & Sensible Use

LAPCG provides comprehensive peer counseling on the medicinal uses of cannabis as the oldest operating medical cannabis collective in Los Angeles County.


  • Ultra-clean, high-grade medication
  • Laboratory supervised for your safety
  • Trained, informed professional staff
  • Compassionate service
  • We support Americans for Safe Access, the largest medical cannabis patient advocacy campaign in the United States


  • The Loyalty Rewards Program
  • The Sunday Wheel
  • 10% off half ounce allocations
  • 15% off ounce allocations
  • Bonuses for new patients & referrals

Hazey Kush

Featured strain comes in our specialty jars important from Switzerland.  Hazey Kush is a cross between Kush and Jack Haze with its effects sure to bring quick pain relief and high functionality. An excellent choice for daytime use that is most certain to lift your spirits a little higher!

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