Types of Medicinal Cannabis

INDICA. The Cannabis Indica species is typically a short, dense coned shaped plant with short, broad leaves. With a higher level of CBD, it's affects tend to be better suited for pain relief, anxiety, and/or insomnia as a sedative.

SATIVA. The Cannabis Sativa species typically has long, thin leaves. With a higher ratio of THC to CBD, it's cerebral affects are good for active day time medicinal usage.

INDICA-DOMINANT.  A hybrid combination of Indica & Sativa, but containing a higher percentage of Indica. 

SATIVA-DOMINANT.  A hybrid combination of Sativa & Indica, but containing a higher percentage of Sativa.

CBD.  Known as Cannabidiol, it's effects are widely used for medical treatment purposes, typically as a non-pyschoactive form found in cannabis.

* Varieties marked with an asterisk are organically cultivated.





g. gram

e. eighth

o. ounce